Fashion Model + Blogger + Health & Eating Psychology Coach


I'm Brittney daCosta Banning, a professional model, and holistic health & eating psychology coach. Having lived and modeled all over the world, I know all the ins and outs of the fashion industry. Currently, I'm based in Charlotte, NC with my husband and two dogs. 


I've spent so many years being scrutinized in an exciting but sometimes critical industry that I want to show women how food and exercise are something to be enjoyed –– regardless of your body type. I want to teach women that you really can enjoy food and still have a beautiful body. And that it doesn't have to be so hard. 


I believe that when you take care of yourself from the inside out, you're able to radically transform your appearance.


I believe that the journey to having the body you desire is meant to feel positive and pleasurable.  


I'm here to tell you that obsessing over food or exercise and the constant self-rejection can be a thing of the past. An unstopping confidence in your food and lifestyle choices can be a thing of your present.


I absolutely love my job as a full-time model. I've learned so much about myself through all the ups and downs in my career. My passion for my job and for all things health and wellness has given me the confidence and voice to share my experiences to help you incorporate simple healthy changes so you can feel proud of your body. 


No matter what society says we should look like or show up as – we have the power to take control of our health and our body - and I’m here to show you how. 



Learn how I became a model and developed my love for health and wellness.


When I was 16 years old, I had no idea how to get started so I signed up with a modeling school and joined a competition. I went to Milan right out of highschool and soon realized that I was too shy! At that time, I came back to the states and started going to school and pursuing other careers. After I graduated college, I decided to give modeling another try and what do you know, I feel in love with the industry!


Like any career, becoming a model takes patience, work, and time. Start by taking digitals of yourself (like these!), wearing minimal makeup in a fitted black tank top with jeans, as well as in a swimsuit. Have a friend take the photos on a simple background like a white wall. Then send the pictures to local agencies in your area. They may or may not reply but if they don't, it may be helpful to ask for feedback so you can make any necessary changes and try again. Regardless, keep putting yourself out there! Practice being in front of the camera and growing your social media following as much as possible.


Honestly, I believe that 85% of your body is what you eat! It's true what they say, "abs are made in the kitchen". But I do enjoy working out and it certainly plays a role in what kind of body definition you have. I make a point to always choose a workout that I actually feel like doing consistently. If I don't feel like doing it, I'll end up not working out for weeks! So now, if I'm not feeling it, I switch things up so I stay consistent. My goal for me (and you!) is to enjoy moving, no matter what workout you choose. One app I recommend is the Sweat App as it has multiple workout programs tailored to whatever goals you have. The variety of options allows you to always find something you enjoy... I've followed Kayla Itsiness for a few years and then Kelsey Wells for the previous two years. I've also done yoga (and become a certified instructor) as well as followed my own programming. I just recently switched to a completely different program, Booty By Brett, just for a change. Remember, the goal is to look forward to getting out there and moving your body.


I don't follow any specific diet plan. I can say that my meals are predominately whole foods and plant-based. I do eat meat a couple times a week, but I make sure it's from a sustainable source where the animal has been treated and fed a proper diet. I always choose organic whenever possible and make as much at home as I can. I eat lots of healthy fats like ghee, grass-fed butter, EVOO, and avocados. And I make it a point to get around half a cup of fermented foods (like sauerkraut!) in my diet each day. I gave up sugar completely in May of 2019 and haven't looked back since! It's not to say I don't indulge. I have a ginormous pizza every single week and I love my red wine and craft beer!


My training is through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. IIN is the largest nutrition and health coaching school in the world and is licensed by New York State's Board of Education. I also completed the program at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating where I learned about the mind body connection to nutrition and how to work with the most common and compelling eating concerns of our times – weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more.