There’s no doubt that lemon water has been getting a good rap and with good reason. Personally, I drink a tall glass of warm lemon water at least 5 days a week first thing in the morning!

1. Detoxifies as lemon is a mild diuretic and helps flush toxins out of the body.

2. Aids in digestion especially if you add some lemon zest to your water.

3. Heals joint and muscle pain. Lemons contain natural electrolytes (without all the added sugars of common sports drinks) so it’s great to add some to your water after a workout session too! 

4. Immune system booster due to the high levels of vitamin C.

5. Freshens breath and helps relieve tooth pain.

6. Helps lose weight by suppressing hunger cravings.

7. Boosts energy. Think about forgoing that morning cup of coffee and replacing it with warm lemon water to feel energized and refreshed without the caffeine crash!

8. Maintains body’s PH level and fights diseases. Lemons may be acidic but they have a surprisingly alkaline effect once inside the body.

9. Decreases wrinkles and acne by revitalizing the skin.

10. Cures the common cold due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Keep in mind is that the acidity from the lemons can wear away your tooth enamel so drink your lemon water through a straw or drink a clean glass of water afterwards and swish the water around your mouth to rinse off the extra acid. Also, be sure to use warm water and too hot or cold. The cold water can shock your system and the hot will destroy the healing enzymes of the lemon. I like to pour half room temperature water into my glass with the squeezed lemon juice and fill the other half with hot water.

Above all, I believe that drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning helps set your day on the right track. I know when I start my day off right, I’m more likely to continue to do good things for my body as the day progresses.

TIP: Add some cayenne pepper, chia seeds or freshly grated ginger for an extra boost of nutrition!

What about you? How do you start your day off right?

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