Below you’ll see just about everything I keep in my kitchen pantry. I don’t necessarily have all these ingredients on hand at all times and I hardly think that’s necessary. These are foods that can generally last ages so it’s nice to have a good variety on hand to be able to put together a recipe at any given time.

I hope this inspires you to fill your pantry with whole healthy real foods!



Almond meal Coconut flour Oat, brown rice & buckwheat flour (I usually grind my own as needed)

Millet flour Polenta

GRAINS & PASTA Grains (and seeds) will spoil before I get to them, so I keep them in mason jars in my refrigerator. Amaranth Black rice Brown rice or quinoa pasta Buckwheat soba noodles Buckwheat & sweet potato soba noodles

Einkorn pasta (this is the only thing on this list not gluten-free) Oats ( steel-cut & rolled) Popcorn kernels

Quinoa Sushi rice LEGUMES Black beans Black-eyed peas Chickpeas i.e. garbanzo beans Kidney beans

Lentils (red & green) Peas (split & whole) Sprouted mung beans White beans


Apricots Coconut Cranberries (unsweetened) Dates Goji berries Prunes (un-sulfured) Raisins or currants


Almonds Brazil Nuts Cashews Chia seeds Dates Flax seeds Hemp Seeds Pecans Pistachios Prunes Pumpkin Seeds Sesame seeds (white & black) Sunflower Seeds Trader Joe’s mixed blend (dry roasted and raw) Walnuts

OILS & VINEGAR Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) Balsamic vinegar Coconut oil (refined and virgin) Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil Garlic infused olive oil Toasted pumpkin seed oil

Red palm oil Red wine vinegar Sesame oil (raw & toasted)

Walnut oil


Almond butter (raw) Coconut amino’s Coconut butter (also called manna) Coconut milk (full fat) Ghee Hot sauce Mustard (dijon & whole grain) Nutritional yeast Peanut butter Salsa Spaghetti sauce Tamari Unsweetened apple sauce

SWEETENERS Maple syrup Honey (raw, unfiltered) Dates

Cane sugar (for kombucha) Coconut sugar Blackstrap molasses


Bread (sourdough without any yeast)

Brown rice wraps Mary’s Gone gluten-free crackers Nori sheets Tortillas (corn & sprouted wheat)

ODDS & ENDS As you can see, I love fermented foods! They last for ages and they’re so good for your belly. Plus I love the way they taste. For some, the sourness is acquired. Try a variety of flavors and toss some in your salad with raisins to ease it in.

Arrowroot powder Baking soda & powder Bee pollen Cacao nibs Cacao powder Capers Chocolate bar (100%) Eggs (pasture-raised only) Kimchee Miso Pickles Sauerkraut Tempeh


Beer (Who can resist craft beer?!)

Coconut water (100%) Kombucha Red wine Tea (Assorted) Trader Joe’s organic juice blend


Acai packets Fruits

Pizza Spinach

Veggie burritos **I prefer not to eat anything canned; however, time doesn’t always allow for that. Look for BPA-free cans.

Nearly everything in my kitchen is organic and raw if possible. I also stock up in bulk at the farmer’s market whenever possible and then get whatever’s left at a local grocery store like Whole Foods. If you have any questions about where to buy something, let me know in the comments below.

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