Introducing models who...

I'm super excited to introduce models who... where I'll be interviewing professional models about what they do to stay healthy and fit in mind, body, and spirit. We'll be talking about how they became a model, as well as how the pressure of our culture, and fashion industry especially, can affect body image.

The pressure to show up and appear a certain way in our culture is prevalent for all humans, just in various ways...


Men typically experience this in that they're expected to appear "manly" at all times. Expressing emotions and being sentimental is seen as weak. And often, potential lovers won't find them attractive if they appear overly sentimental.


Women are essentially told to look like they have their shit together at all times. We're expected to say "yes" as often as possible, to show selflessness at all times, and to look good while doing it. We're shown images of airbrushed women who seem to have it all together and are expected to live up to that expectation.


Like most women, models are expected to live up to society's expectations as a whole as well as another set of standards in the fashion industry. And not to mention, our own airbrushed images (that took a hundred bad photos and a team of people to achieve). As models, it's our job to maintain our bodies and our appearance... but at what cost? I've been told to "work on my legs" and to "bring my hips down" when I was a size four. I've had friends and roommates who were expected to email their agency their meals each day or go into the agency for weekly measurements. Some plus models have been asked to "plastic wrap their legs."


In these interviews, we're going to dive into exactly what models do to maintain their figure so consistently. We'll talk about the foods they eat on a day-to-day basis to what workouts they do to stay fit. Additionally, we're going to be talking about body image and how they stay healthy mentally and spiritually in a culture where expectations are high and in an industry that by its nature can be quite critical.

I'm excited to talk to each model and find out their secrets to looking fabulous and keeping their bodies healthy and especially, how being in the industry has affected their own self-image and how they handle the pressure and continue to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit.


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