Kathrin came to New York City from Austria to pursue modeling as a career. Because of the high pressure she felt in the modeling industry, she went on a quest to overcome an eating disorder and find a workout routine she could enjoy.

Listen to Kathrin talk about how the older she gets, the easier it is for her to not care so much about the little things. And along the way, she discovered just how much yoga helped her destress and feel more confident in her own skin. Yoga soon became her main means of working out and her love for yoga developed so much that she soon started a second career as a yoga teacher.

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Brittney (00:00):

So everyone today I have Kathrin with me. She is a professional model and a yoga teacher. So why don't you tell me a little bit about that? Because I know that you're from Austria and you moved to New York city in your early twenties to pursue modeling. And then somehow from there you got really into food and dialing in your nutrition. So why don't you tell me a little bit about that?

Kathrin (00:24):

Yeah, so I, I guess I got discovered as a model when I was pretty young. And then I started traveling, came to New York, fell in love with New York, such a beautiful city, so much energy, like the classic experience. It was quite overwhelming at the same time and in our job, not a lot of consistency, there's not a lot of stability. So I was always kind of looking to obviously, to get a good workout, but also something to help me ease my mind, my stress levels. You're always... So that's how I got into yoga. And at first, I just got into nutrition kind of like overcoming... It's a longer story, but just dealing with the fact that you are very young, you're traveling by yourself. I didn't have a lot of money in the beginning, so I didn't really, I didn't even know. I didn't know how to cook. I didn't really know how to take care of myself. So I just kind of had to teach myself like, what do I need? What does my body need? How do I feel?

Brittney (01:27):

Yeah. Was that hard for you? Or?

Kathrin (01:33):

I definitely had to, you know, I went on a journey, so I definitely struggled. I definitely had an eating disorder in my early twenties. And I kinda, yeah, I needed help. Like I went to a like a therapist that was specializing in that. And then I just kind of looked at what I was eating. Was I getting enough nutrients? It's, it's such an emotional thing. It's more than just food that we put in our body. It's like, why do we eat? When do we eat? You know?

Brittney (02:06):

Yes. There are so many different things to go into why, when, and how we go about eating and so many emotions that come into play with that too.

Kathrin (02:17):

Right. Especially now, I feel like even now in quarantine, like it's another, there's this other, I think there's a lot of stuff around food as well. Like we're at home, we're cooking, we're trying to comfort ourselves. We can't move that much. So yeah. That's always interesting.

Brittney (02:35):

Yeah. And I think a lot of boredom comes into play. I know for me, it's just,... Or it's just such easy access to just grab food and eat.

Kathrin (02:43):

Right! I've never had so much food as I had in the beginning. I just have to teach yourself again. Okay. Like, yeah.

Brittney (02:52):

So you mentioned that you, you love yoga and that you got into that because it was a journey for you so you were looking for a way to destress in addition to finding a second career. So do you want to tell me a little bit about how you, how you found it?

Kathrin (03:09):

Well, I guess I got into, I got into yoga first. Just I think people were like, you have to try yoga. I'm like oooh, anxious and this and that. And the more I got into my own practice, the more curious I got about it. And I think that's just you know, when you're curious you just try to go deeper and that's how I did my teacher training. And then I actually, I realized I come from a family of teachers, my mom's a teacher and my sister's a teacher and it's like a beautiful thing to be able to...

Brittney (03:41):

Are they yoga teachers or just teachers in general?

Kathrin (03:44):

No, they're just teachers in general. I just realized I don't think I thought about it that way when I was younger, but you have to have a lot of compassion. You have to kind of like want to help people to do something and like, you know, find a way to be patient. And I feel like I developed my teacher's voice and I, and I enjoy that. I just enjoy that connection that you have with people and making them feel good. It's great.

Brittney (04:10):

Yeah. That's lovely. Do you feel like your teaching abilities and your experience with yoga helps you with your job as a model as well?

Kathrin (04:24):

I think it's just given me something that's more grounding and is focusing in like a completely different, like focusing on my skillset. It just, I feel like it's a very I get back a lot from it. Like I get back a lot of good energy from it and then modeling is sort of exciting, ever-changing, and then that's kind of cool. You get to travel, you get to meet new people. So it's nice to have the balance of both.

Brittney (04:52):

Yeah. Now, do you feel like there's a lot of pressure for you to maintain a certain image or look a certain way being a model?

Kathrin (05:03):

Yeah. I mean, it feels like so long ago I modeled.

Brittney (05:08):

I know!

Kathrin (05:10):

Is for sure. I think I mean, I think there's a, there's a certain pressure may be to maintain your look and to be always very presentable to have your hair you know, done or looking nicely, have your nails done, like just be professional about it. I do appreciate that. I think the times that we live in, there's a bit more room for different body shapes and sizes and age groups. And I think the older you get, you're just kind of like, this is who I am. This is like what I'm comfortable with and how I, you know, just realistically that's my shape. That's what I want to maintain. And then you just kind of go from there and the people that will like, you will likely like you and book you hopefully.

Brittney (05:55):

Now, do you feel let me go, let me go with this... What advice would you give your younger self? Cause you said now that you're older and you're more mature, you have a different outlook on things. So what advice would you give yourself when you were younger?

Kathrin (06:16):

I think because I started, I was scouted really young for the first time. I was 12 when people approached me. So I always felt somehow in the back of my head that I started late and that I was too old or something. And I think, I mean, I started with traveling with about 17, 18, which is very young and you still like, you know, you're still growing and all that and you're still finding yourself. So I think my younger self or any model that's young and just getting into this, like take your time. Like it doesn't, you can, you can do this at 22. Don't feel like the rush, like maybe get an education, feel settled, grounded, you know? So that would be one thing. Sorry, was it for my younger self or for like my advice?

Brittney (07:07):

What advice would you give your younger self?

Kathrin (07:09):

My younger self. Okay. Just worry less. I would give that to myself now as well, just kind of be more chill and just things are gonna work out. Everything's going to be fine. And just that kind of be more relaxed about it and make sure you get your sleep. Sleep is important.

Brittney (07:31):

Yes! Sleep is important. So you were just telling us things that you would tell aspiring models. So if you could, you were going into that... So if you could tell aspiring models three things, what would that be?

Kathrin (07:42):

So I definitely think it would be the age thing. Like, take your time. Don't, you know, you don't have to start super young. Don't let people pressure you. I didn't get a college education, but I think there's something just nice about it. I don't think you have to, but I think it's nice to have that second option. And I think you get like, you know, you have good friendships coming out of that and just like a different sense of yourself. I would say take your time. And then realize you can't be everything for all people. So if somebody is not going to look or something about you. It's hard. Like you can't please everyone. So don't try, you know, it's not, it's not. And there, there will be people don't let that freak you out because for some people they might want somebody light-skinned, want somebody that looks 10 and beachy at all times, like, you know, like just figure out what's maintainable for you and go after that. And the third thing would be, make sure you have a good support system. Make sure that you have like a girl's girls and make sure that you have good female friends, I guess that like for the girl female models. Yeah. Like, make sure that that you have your group of people. I think, you know, unfortunately, sometimes there's a lot of jealousy amongst women or competitiveness and that's not necessary and just kind of like find your people and uplift and empower each other.

Brittney (09:20):

That's beautiful. Now what kind of support system did you have, like getting into modeling and through your whole journey leading to now?

Kathrin (09:32):

I think I always had like my family. I'm really close to my family and it made me really appreciate my family just being away from them. So that was a start and then just finding people. I think the challenges that you travel a lot and so just finding a group of people that's consistent, I think can be challenging or girlfriends that are consistent. But just make an effort, you know, like don't be, don't be shy, it's silly, but people want to talk, don't be scared to meet new people, make new friends. I think it's beautiful in our industry that we always meet new people. So if you have a connection with somebody don't be shy, like ask them for coffee or something, you know.

Brittney (10:19):

Yeah. I think that's so true. Especially in an industry like ours, where, like you said, we just meet so many people and so many different people from all over the world. And I love that part of it and it is helpful to speak up and talk to them and get to know them. And that really helps us build our support system. Now, what's a book you would recommend. That's along like the health, health lines for our audience.

Kathrin (10:44):

I'm always like, I'm really into the book I'm reading right now. It's called The Body by Bill Bryson. And it's just about how the human body works. A good health book. I like The Gut, by Giulia Enders. I liked how we sleep or why we sleep. It's a very, I think it's a well-known book at this point, but there's also a lot of podcasts just like amplifying the need of getting seven to eight hours of sleep and taking your naps and all that stuff. So, yeah. Yeah, so I'm into a lot of biology nonfiction in my reading list.

Brittney (11:27):

Yeah. I have a broad range of both.

Kathrin (11:30):

Yeah. I try, I tried doing it in quarantine because I think it's recommended that you read novels and fiction, so you can just kind of go on a journey. But yeah, I like a good, you know, nonfiction book.

Brittney (11:45):

That's good. I wish I liked them more. That's wonderful.

Kathrin (11:49):

Do you have, do you have a favorite book or a book or a book of the quarantine so far?

Brittney (11:59):

I'm trying to think, honestly, most of the books I've read during quarantine have not been any good. As far as like good books, I love Dr. Mark Hyman. He has just a whole slew of fabulous books, but he has one, I think it's called like, what the heck should I eat? Or something like that, but it just lays everything out in the simplest terms. So that's one of my favorite health books that I would recommend.

Kathrin (12:26):

Yeah. I love his insight. I follow him on Instagram, so I like his posts and stuff. He's great.

Brittney (12:34):

He's wonderful. Well, is there anything else you'd like to add?

Kathrin (12:40):

No, I don't really. I am. I'm happy to be here. I don't know if anyone has any questions. I'm also happy to, I'm doing Instagram live on Friday. If anyone wants to just join, do some yoga. If there is any girls, like, I feel like right now I'm in a very like uplifting other women phase. If anyone has questions regarding modeling or just wants to check-in.

Brittney (13:07):

Yeah. And I'll have this interview will be posted on Instagram TV and it will also be on the blog on my, There'll be a transcript of it. And there will also be information for you to get in touch with Kathrin. So if you do have any questions, you can take them to her directly via Instagram or her website through the blog, you can find her there. Awesome. So thank you so much for chatting. I think it was a really lovely conversation and it was so nice to meet you and hopefully, we'll get to meet in person soon!

Kathrin (13:43):

Oh, that would be amazing. I missed that you're in North Carolina, you're in Charlotte or?

Brittney (13:50):

Yeah, I am in Charlotte, North Carolina right now. That's where I'm based.

Kathrin (13:56):

Oh nice. Beautiful.

Brittney (13:56):

But yeah, there are some questions about meditating and about modeling that I'm seeing. So if you have those questions, as I said, just take them to Kathrin directly. Her information will be on the blog as well as on as well as on Instagram. Thank you so much again!

Kathrin (14:19):

Thank you!

Brittney (14:19):

And hopefully I'll meet you soon. Alright. Bye.

Kathrin (14:24):

Bye bye.


Kathrin Werderitsch moved to New York City in her early 20s to pursue her career as a fashion model. Aware of the importance of taking care of her body and mind in a high pressure and physically demanding work environment, she completed the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program to understand holistic nutritional needs that contribute to physical and mental well-being.

After modifying her nutritional habits and trying various workout routines, Kathrin discovered yoga and its many health benefits and her passion for yoga led her to deepen her practice and become an instructor. Her overall interest in health, wellness, and biohacking guide her towards a second career in addition to modeling.

Find her on Instagram via @kathrin.werderitsch or visit her website here.

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