In each market, the living situation is completely different. In Cape Town, I shared a room in a hostel for several months where all the models were put on the same floor. For the second half of my stay, I had my own room in a tiny guest house with the bare essentials. In Hamburg, I rented a room in someone’s home and the living was quite comfortable (except for the fact that I was living in someone else’s space). Istanbul is the first place I’ve actually lived in one of the infamous “model apartments”. While I like the idea in theory because of the instant connection to other models, it’s far from ideal.

The models are all different ages varying from ages 15 to 35. There are ten of us in a three-bedroom apartment; four, four, and two per room with ONE bathroom.

All of these images were taken right after the maid came so it appears much cleaner than it ever is. Thankfully she comes Monday through Friday (usually).

The worst part about it is that some of the younger girls smoke inside the apartment; they smoke in the kitchen, in the living room, and in their bedroom. Not healthy! Thankfully my roommates don’t smoke so we spend all of our time in the apartment inside our room.

The kitchen doesn’t have enough cutlery for the ten people living here so it’s nearly impossible to ever find a clean dish.

Despite the unfortunate living situation, I LOVE Istanbul! I can’t get enough of this city and am already disappointed that I’ll be moving on in just a couple of short months.

When I think of all the things I gave up like multiple outlets, clean dishes, a smoke-free home, designer clothes, my own room, a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, etc… I don’t miss any of it for a minute.

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