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Did you know that Oprah kept a gratitude diary for a whole decade? And she claims it’s the reason for her success today!

And did you know studies show that journaling can actually improve your health physically and emotionally?

If you ever feel down on yourself or maybe even disgust or hatred towards your body (like I used to), your body will try to talk to you to tell you otherwise. But we bury her voice so far inside that we only hear her when she tells us we’re not good enough. I created the Gratitude Diary so you can start finding things about yourself that you’re grateful for. The reason for this is because a lot of your cravings for food are there simply because what you’re really craving is you.

With the diary, start to keep track of the simple things you’re grateful for. Even the really simple things. Personally, I love that waking up early in the morning comes naturally to me. Or that I always remember to turn the light off when I leave a room.

You could be grateful you took the time to floss the night before, that you’re having a good hair day, or remembered to put gas in your car, etc. Note this isn’t a diary to write things like how you’re thankful you have a roof over your head or food to eat. While those are certainly things to be thankful for, they’re not the objective of this exercise.

… The objective of this exercise is to accept yourself for who you are so your body doesn’t have to keep screaming at you to pay attention to unwelcome cravings.

Not only will the Gratitude Diary help you lose weight, but watch as you make other major significant changes in your life too. A few months from now you could be skinny, have peace with food, lots of confidence, and be on the way to a huge move or career change… If you take this seriously.

All of the above is exactly what happened to me. Literally. I got fit, I rarely have unbearable cravings, I have a positive self-image about myself and I love and accept my body. I left my job, moved overseas, and started this business doing what I love.

If it can happen to me, it can happen for you too.

Just look at where Oprah came from and where she’s at today! All because she kept track of the things she was grateful for and it gave her what she needed to change her life.

KEEP IT simple AND  fun

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