At the end of my stay in South Africa this year, I went with a couple of friends to Namibia on an epic road trip. Words and pictures simply can’t describe the unique beauty of the ever-changing landscapes so I put together a video to help preserve the memories. Naturally, it doesn’t capture the loveliness of the country, the good times or the pleasant buzz from all the wine and watermelon. Check it out!

Here’s the text and picture diary in case the video wasn’t enough:


We started in Windhoek where we rented a four-wheel-drive truck with two tents to sleep in on top and promptly set off to Sossusvlei. Our number one goal was to witness the world’s highest and arguably most beautiful rustic red sand dunes set in the deep blue starry sky.  We continued to Deadvlei to add bleach white salt pans and inky black petrified trees to the landscape. The park closes at sunset so you have to be willing to take a risk if you want to see Deadvlei past dark. Most of the pictures below are from when we went back again at sunrise the next morning. The two evening photos were both taken by friend and photojournalist, Gary He.

We slept in tents on top of our rental truck

SKELETON COAST After such an amazing start to our trip, it was hard to leave but we were able to drag ourselves away to head to the coast. We drove through some of Namibia’s beach towns, stopped in Walvis Bay, and opted to stay the night in Swakopmund so we could get an early start to the Skeleton Coast. It ended up being a mystical dreamy endless beach of beautiful nothingness… so we drove right on through and eventually found ourselves in Etosha National Park.


Etosha is a game reserve surrounding the Etosha salt pan, a 4,760 square kilometer dried up lake bed. We spent hours upon hours on our own self safari and eventually saw a countless number of giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, and most importantly, a pride of Lions walk right by our car!

After several days of 40+ hours of driving and several bottles of wine, it was time sadly time to go home.

Where should I go next?

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