Have you ever reached into your closet for a piece of clothing and realized… it didn’t fit?

That’s exactly what happened to me this summer.

I went to put on a pair of shorts… and then couldn’t.

They didn’t fit!

So then I reached for another pair of shorts. They didn’t fit either.

My reaction in the past would have been to freak out. I would have gone into panic mode. You know what I mean?

  • You swear up and down that you’re doing to workout like crazy and eat healthy first thing come Monday morning.

  • You start leafing through magazines to figure out what the latest trend is that you can start implementing for yourself.

  • You cancel happy hour with your friends so you can feel sorry for yourself and binge on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

I’d beat myself up, tear my hair out with guilt and feel more self-conscious than ever before.

But now, I’m a completely different person and when I realized that none of my favorite shorts fit, instead of going crazy and feeling ashamed with myself, I have an entirely new attitude about it. I laugh.

So when you reach into your closet for a piece of clothing and it doesn’t fit, here’s what you do: 1. RECOGNIZE THAT YOUR BODY FLUCTUATES CONTINUOUSLY.

We’re women and our bodies fluctuate all the time. Especially with the seasons.

In the winter, for example, we’re not as active because we spend more time indoors where it’s nice and warm. Plus we tend to crave heavier grounding foods in the winter. Whereas in the summer heat, we’re more likely to crave raw leafy greens and fresh cooling fruits.

If it’s winter weight gain, it’ll likely come off on its own as you introduce more summer foods back into your diet.

But by seasonal weight gain, I don’t just mean via the weather.

We fluctuate by the season of life and that’s simply part of the experience.


If your jeans don’t fit, maybe the jeans are the problem.  The weight you’re at might be exactly where your body needs for optimal health.

Unlike what cultural society has conditioned us to believe, we don’t need to be perfectly skinny, have a completely flat belly, and look a certain way in order to be beautiful.

Because what matters is that you have the energy to do the things you love and the motivation to go after what you want most.

Is that already true? Then your body gained weight because that’s what it needed at the time.

It may not be your body that needs to change, it may just be the jeans.


I can’t express how important it is to have people support who support your health and lifestyle goals every step of the way.

When I first started making changes, I got a lot of pushback from close friends and family. A lot. Some of my friends were even (unintentionally) unkind to me.

And I’ll be honest, it made my transformation much harder for me than it otherwise could have been.

I ended up taking a hiatus from my usual circle while I did what I needed to do… and came back when I was ready. Now they know that this is a lifestyle for me and not another passing phase. And since then, they’ve stood by me every step of the way.

I’m so lucky to have such a strong network of supportive people in my life. If not for them, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

So this time when I realized that my shorts didn’t fit, I didn’t have a freak-out. Instead, I…

… made a point to practice self-love consistently so I’d continue to be happy with my current shape (despite my new revelation!).

…. did a 3-day detox to cleanse my body, my mind and start fresh.

… reached for a pair of shorts that do fit (with stretch!) and silently laughed at myself inside. I realized that I hadn’t been focusing on my own needs enough and it was time to be honest with myself.

… continued to go out with my lovely network of friends to healthy restaurants and even indulged in dessert and red wine.

I’m happy to tell you that now, my shorts fit again. However, they’re not particularly comfortable. And I’ve resigned to the fact that if they don’t ever fit comfortably again, I’m ok with that!


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