What’s your biggest wish? I mean, really.

If you could wave a magic wand and have anything you wanted, what would it be?

This is always the first question I ask my clients before we begin working together. The answer usually boils down to this:


But despite the tremendous effort you’ve been putting in, you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster with your weight, your health, and your emotions.

And then you end up beating yourself up for letting yourself down. You blame yourself for not following through. You tell yourself you’re lazy, you lack willpower and that you don’t deserve to be thin or feel beautiful.

The counting calories, the weighing, the chronic dieting… all it’s doing is setting you up for failure. Because, here’s the kicker: You’ll never be as thin as you want or have lots of energy if you don’t have peace with your body and food. Nutrition doesn’t come from calories, vitamins, minerals, carbs or proteins. Those are just facts. Sure, they’re helpful for advancing science but are far too oversimplified for the human body.

Nutrition comes from nourishment. Nourishment comes from food, touch, taste, desires, dreams, and so much more. Diets typically leave us deprived and wanting more and are anything but nourishing. Here’s why:


Despite trying to force unappetizing foods down and trying so hard not to overeat – and then failing – it’s not your willpower that’s lacking. We’re physiologically driven to overeat when we aren’t relaxed and our meals are rushed, tasteless and low-quality. We’re compelled to experience pleasure when we eat, so when we don’t, we’re driven to eat more to find it.

For example, take a study that was done on rats. The rats were divided up into two groups and both fed the exact same healthy diet and in the same amounts. The only difference was that the part of the brain that controls taste was removed in all of the rats in one of the groups.

The rats unable to taste all died. When an autopsy was performed, it was concluded that the rats all died of chronic malnutrition.

They ate the exact same food as the other group! The only difference was that they couldn’t taste their food and therefore, couldn’t enjoy it.

It goes to show that when we don’t take the time to enjoy our food, our bodies are likely unable to assimilate the nutrients, even if we’re eating the healthiest high-quality food in the world.

How do you think your body reacts when you eat food like Lean Cuisines and Slim Fast that taste like cardboard? There already have little to no nutrient value plus it’s pretty much impossible to genuinely enjoy the taste!


Let’s say you eat an avocado but in the back of your mind, you can’t shake the feeling that it’s “fattening” and is going straight to your thighs. That stress causes a physiological response in our bodies to release cortisol and insulin and in short, to store fat.

Think about this:

:: What kind of mental battles do you have with yourself when someone is eating something you love (but “can’t have”) right in front of you that you know you shouldn’t have? :: How much have you kept yourself from experiencing (food or otherwise) by staying home so you don’t eat something that’s not on your diet when you’d rather be out with your friends? :: All in all, how much do your diets cause you stress?


Everyone knows that endorphins make us feel better. But did you know that they help burn fat too? Yep, the same chemicals that make us feel happy also kick our metabolism into high gear.

Not to mention, the stress hormone, cortisol, desensitizes us to pleasure too.

So relax and enjoy your food! That doesn’t mean go eat any junk food you want, of course. But it means that there’s no reason to feel guilty when you eat something “bad”. Or to beat yourself up afterward when you ate something you think you shouldn’t. May as well enjoy it and let your endorphins do their part!


If you cut back on calories to lose weight, then your body tells your brain that a famine is coming… and to store as much as possible to fat.

And it tells your body to NOT convert calories into muscle because it’s doing everything it can do keep the fat on your body to protect you from starving.

For those of you who are always restricting calories or weighing your food, think of all the mixed signals you’re sending your body. Now you can understand why it gets harder and harder to lose weight… Because you’ve been telling your body to work harder and harder to keep it on!


You’re here because you’re ready to have a body that looks and functions better than ever before.

You want to have vibrant energy, reach your desired weight, and stop with the low-self esteem.

You’ve already tried all sorts of diets, cutting back calories, weighing your food, counting macros/carbs/fiber… and nothing has worked.

You’re physically broken down and emotionally exhausted from trying to make sense of all the nutritional advice out there and are sick and tired of beating yourself up and tearing yourself down.

I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to be fit and not deprive yourself of everything you love (even that “fattening” avocado!). Life is so much more fun when you’re not constantly dieting. Learn more about how I can help here. Life is so much more fun when you’re not continuously dieting. IF WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING HASN’T BEEN WORKING. IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO TRY SOMETHING NEW.

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